Why Child Not Obey Their Parents ?

All parents would want their child behave well. But not all children behave that way. We can not blame child, because as parents, we should be able to educate them with the best parenting. Of course, to use the best parenting, parents should be able to communicate with the child. In addition, the emotional bond child and the parents should be intertwined. So that the child refuses to obey the words of the parents. Parents already have a good logic functions, sometimes we are angered by the behavior of our child. Of course when our child do not have the ability to use good logic. So the behavior of the children still act purely by emotion.

As parents, we should be able to influence the behavior of our child. We should be able to build emotional ties with our child. And this is what often becomes a difficulty, the parents have difficulty how to create emotional ties with their child. So that the child will be obedient to their parents.

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