Preparation awaiting the birth of my baby.

My wife's pregnancy into the month to 9. This means that soon the time my child will be born. Hopefully, my wife and my child in a healthy state. How nice to remember that, soon I will be holding my baby. The doctor said my child was a woman. It is seen from the results of the ultrasound that we do. I'm planning to give a name to my baby with "Noe".

Baby box as a bed had been prepared by his grandfather. Baby box was once used by my wife when she was a baby. Then the baby box touring duties. From one baby to another baby, a baby in a large family of my wife has been sleeping in the box.

Baby soap, diapers, baby shampoo, and baby clothes have been prepared. A few weeks ago, when we examined the pregnancy of my wife, and we find the position of my baby is breech. The doctor suggested to my wife to do gymnastics for pregnant women. Since that time, my wife do a gymnastics routine for pregnant women. And now the position of my baby is normal, my baby's head has been entered into the hip.

So, for being pregnant, do not forget to do specific exercises for pregnancy, to help the baby get its normal position in the pregnancy.


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