Ghost House

Many horror films that make fun of the ghost house.Where, in the movie the ghost house is usually depicted with an empty house.It has not been inhabited for a long time, probably for decades the house is left empty.And some empty houses may be quite well known.

However, if we look at the image of a long, uninhabited home, we may be able to capture some of the beauty of the image.On my site, I tried to type the keyword gost home, and the result was that I got a lot of pictures of a very beautiful, empty house.And of course this is not a ghost house, but it is a good work from a photographer who can capture the moment of the cosmic home.

Curious about the beauty of the empty home that the photographer succeeded in?Here are some photos I found there.

Beautiful Wooden House.

Imagine having a house made of wood, very futuristic and has high art. To create a nice wooden house, many things we must know. Sperti, the type of wood and the wood characteristics we will use. Of course wood endurance becomes the main choice, then we can choose from the pattern of wood patterns that we will use for our wooden house to have the impression of eccentric.

Some wooden house design we can find on the internet, maybe it can be a very good reference for us. Of course it may be difficult enough to make wooden houses in a crowded city. Maybe we can choose a suburban area with enough yard to be planted with flowers and grass, Some fruitful trees we can plant there.

Of course it is not cheap to make wooden houses, this is a matter of art. We have to find the right architect for the house we want to be the dream home for our family.

First Day School - My Little Angel Diary

In the past, I wrote about preparing to welcome our baby in this article. And now, my girl is almost 3 years old, a cute little girl, with curly hair, beautiful eyes and adorable cheeks. I love to see my girl smile, laugh, and look at me, calling my name.

my little angel always asks what she sees. Though I replied a few times later, my little angel asked me again with the same question. And if I deliberately do not answer it, my little angel will answer her own question. And that makes me laugh. Very happy to see my little angel.

My daughter started school, the first time, she did not want to go to class. My daughter just looked out the door. Seeing many other small children around a teacher. My daughter looked at me and laughed happily at the many children who were singing in the classroom. I persuaded my daughter to go to class, but she did not want to go to class. But now, my little girl has started up on the small table, and I laugh at my wife's story about my little angel.

How to control the Internet activity of our children.

Controlling the Internet activities of our children, is one way to educate children. Many open access on the Internet that can be entered in our children. And not everything is good for our children. As parents, supervise and restrict the internet activities of our children are as one way to educate children. Controlling the maturity of the child according to age. We can not possibly let our young children can access content that is not in accordance with his age.

To be able to control the internet activities of our children, we must also follow the development of online technology. Parents guide children, how to use social media properly. How to limit communication links with other people about what they can say and should not be saying. Parents also should prohibit children do bully.

To limit and control children's access to some sites, we can use several ways, either using apikasi and uses DNS to restrict it. We can amemfilter, sites that are allowed to access the site, or are …

Why Child Not Obey Their Parents ?

All parentswouldwant their childbehavewell. Butnotall childrenbehave that way. We can notblamechild, becauseasparents, weshould be able toeducatethemwith thebestparenting. Of course,tousethebestparenting, parentsshould beable tocommunicatewith thechild. In addition, the emotionalbondchildandthe parentsshould beintertwined. So that the childrefuses to obeythe words ofthe parents. Parentsalreadyhave agoodlogic functions, sometimeswe areangeredbythe behavior ofourchild. Of coursewhenour childdo nothave the abilityto usegoodlogic. Sothe behavior ofthe childrenstillact purelybyemotion.
As parents,weshould be able toinfluencethe behavior ofour child.Weshould be able tobuildemotional tieswithourchild.Andthis is whatoftenbecomesadifficulty,theparentshave difficultyhow tocreateemotionaltieswiththeir child.So that thechildwill beobedientto their parents.
Ijust foundareferencetoovercome these problems,youcan visitthe siteandlearnhow toapply thebestways to teachyourchild. If theinformationbelowthat…

Think about this when we are tempted to criticize

Articletitled"Think aboutthis when we aretemptedtocriticize"isnotprofessionaladvice,youcanseekfromother referencesabout this.Itis sharing theauthor's thoughts,whenthe author realizedthatwe shouldavoidcriticizing theauthor's wife.
Ithink,in thepregnancyof my wife,Irealized my mistake,Imake too many demandsonmy wife.Icomparemyselfwithmy wife.This iscertainlyamistake.Ican not standfatherlycriticizemy wife whenseeingthings thatIthink is wrong.In fact,other people's opinionsdo not necessarilyjustifywhat I think.
Iforgot,thatIstillhada lot ofmistakes,andyou want toacceptmymistakes.ByeasyIgiveyoucriticism,perhapsevenmakeyour hearthurt.I'mreallysorry.Iwilltryfatherlymencntaimu,withlovetrulylove.
Sowhenwe aretemptedtocriticizesomeone else,perhapsa friend,wife,husband,children, orpeoplewholove us,wemustrememberour mistakes,wemustconveycriticismtersebtin a subtle way,do nothurt thefeelings ofthe people wecritique.

Preparation awaiting the birth of my baby.

My wife'spregnancyinto the monthto9. Thismeans thatsoonthe timemy childwill be born. Hopefully,my wifeandmy childin a healthy state. How nice toremember that, soon Iwill be holdingmy baby. The doctor saidmy childwasa woman. It isseenfromthe results ofthe ultrasoundthatwedo. I'mplanning to givea name tomy babywith"Noe".

Babyboxas abedhad been preparedbyhis grandfather. Babyboxwasonce usedbymy wifewhen she wasa baby. Thenthebabyboxtouringduties. Fromonebabytoanotherbaby, a babyina largefamily ofmy wifehas been sleepinginthebox.

Babysoap, diapers, baby shampoo, andbabyclotheshave been prepared. A fewweeksago, whenweexaminedthe pregnancyof my wife, andwefindthe position ofmy babyisbreech. The doctor suggestedto my wifetodo gymnasticsforpregnant women. Since that time, my wifedo agymnasticsroutineforpregnant women. Andnowthe position ofmy babyis normal, my baby's headhas beenenteredintothe hip.
So,forbeingpregnant, do not forgettodospecific exercisesforpregnancy, tohelpt…