Selasa, 11 Oktober 2016

How to control the Internet activity of our children.

Controlling the Internet activities of our children, is one way to educate children. Many open access on the Internet that can be entered in our children. And not everything is good for our children. As parents, supervise and restrict the internet activities of our children are as one way to educate children. Controlling the maturity of the child according to age. We can not possibly let our young children can access content that is not in accordance with his age.

To be able to control the internet activities of our children, we must also follow the development of online technology. Parents guide children, how to use social media properly. How to limit communication links with other people about what they can say and should not be saying. Parents also should prohibit children do bully.

To limit and control children's access to some sites, we can use several ways, either using apikasi and uses DNS to restrict it. We can amemfilter, sites that are allowed to access the site, or are sites that may not be entered. Such as the use of open DNS service. Using a software filter for the computer can also help us in controlling the child's internet activity.

In addition to the above manner, we can put the computer in a family room, this will avoid online child alone in their rooms. Please could look for on other sites to monitor and control Internet activities our children.

Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

Why Child Not Obey Their Parents ?

All parents would want their child behave well. But not all children behave that way. We can not blame child, because as parents, we should be able to educate them with the best parenting. Of course, to use the best parenting, parents should be able to communicate with the child. In addition, the emotional bond child and the parents should be intertwined. So that the child refuses to obey the words of the parents. Parents already have a good logic functions, sometimes we are angered by the behavior of our child. Of course when our child do not have the ability to use good logic. So the behavior of the children still act purely by emotion.

As parents, we should be able to influence the behavior of our child. We should be able to build emotional ties with our child. And this is what often becomes a difficulty, the parents have difficulty how to create emotional ties with their child. So that the child will be obedient to their parents.

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Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Think about this when we are tempted to criticize

 Article titled "Think about this when we are tempted to criticize" is not professional advice, you can seek from other references about this. It is sharing the author's thoughts, when the author realized that we should avoid criticizing the author's wife.

I think, in the pregnancy of my wife, I realized my mistake, I make too many demands on my wife. I compare myself with my wife. This is certainly a mistake. I can not stand fatherly criticize my wife when seeing things that I think is wrong. In fact, other people's opinions do not necessarily justify what I think.

I forgot, that I still had a lot of mistakes, and you want to accept my mistakes. By easy I give you criticism, perhaps even make your heart hurt. I'm really sorry. I will try fatherly mencntaimu, with love truly love.

So when we are tempted to criticize someone else, perhaps a friend, wife, husband, children, or people who love us, we must remember our mistakes, we must convey criticism tersebt in a subtle way, do not hurt the feelings of the people we critique.  

Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Preparation awaiting the birth of my baby.

My wife's pregnancy into the month to 9. This means that soon the time my child will be born. Hopefully, my wife and my child in a healthy state. How nice to remember that, soon I will be holding my baby. The doctor said my child was a woman. It is seen from the results of the ultrasound that we do. I'm planning to give a name to my baby with "Noe".

Baby box as a bed had been prepared by his grandfather. Baby box was once used by my wife when she was a baby. Then the baby box touring duties. From one baby to another baby, a baby in a large family of my wife has been sleeping in the box.

Baby soap, diapers, baby shampoo, and baby clothes have been prepared. A few weeks ago, when we examined the pregnancy of my wife, and we find the position of my baby is breech. The doctor suggested to my wife to do gymnastics for pregnant women. Since that time, my wife do a gymnastics routine for pregnant women. And now the position of my baby is normal, my baby's head has been entered into the hip.

So, for being pregnant, do not forget to do specific exercises for pregnancy, to help the baby get its normal position in the pregnancy.

Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Start Blogging

Recently I came across this blog, and I signed up to start blogging here. Although I do not know about the topic I chose for this blog. There are many topics to choose from, or I could write my life experience here. Whatever it is, I am happy to greet you propagators of this blog. I hope that my writing would be beneficial to us.

Some of the reasons I chose to write in blogger is because the dashboard that is easy to use, I am quite familiar with dahasboard bloggers. Although there are many free blog providers out there. Maybe someday I will consider writing a blog with my own domain. Have a nice day.