Think about this when we are tempted to criticize

 Article titled "Think about this when we are tempted to criticize" is not professional advice, you can seek from other references about this. It is sharing the author's thoughts, when the author realized that we should avoid criticizing the author's wife.

I think, in the pregnancy of my wife, I realized my mistake, I make too many demands on my wife. I compare myself with my wife. This is certainly a mistake. I can not stand fatherly criticize my wife when seeing things that I think is wrong. In fact, other people's opinions do not necessarily justify what I think.

I forgot, that I still had a lot of mistakes, and you want to accept my mistakes. By easy I give you criticism, perhaps even make your heart hurt. I'm really sorry. I will try fatherly mencntaimu, with love truly love.

So when we are tempted to criticize someone else, perhaps a friend, wife, husband, children, or people who love us, we must remember our mistakes, we must convey criticism tersebt in a subtle way, do not hurt the feelings of the people we critique.  


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